Portugal out of the World Cup

Well, Portugal just lost against Spain in the World Cup which means that for next couple of days the World will be talking about it and trying to find who is responsible for this…

My bet is on Portugal’s National Squad Coach, Carlos Queiroz. The man doesn’t understand a thing about football. I recognize in him manager capabilities however, the coaching skill lacks. Taking off Hugo Almeida and not setting C. Ronaldo in his best position (the bench!) and perhaps we could see a different result today in Cape Town.

I feel bad for Eduardo and Fabio Coentrão, they did a fantastic world cup and impressed me a lot. Too bad next season they will be playing outside Portugal.

Oh well, Germany are still in and they were and still are my favorite national squad to win the World Cup 🙂


Blogs Reactivation


I know my posting to my blogs has been beyond sporadic. I’ve been cooped up with work and other interests while living a normal life, hanging out socially and less often on the computer. For that I’m sorry but I felt that I needed a break from everything. Blog-wise, it’s felt like I’ve been hibernating and thinking about the best way to come back to this ciber world and today I decided “What the heck! Just start blogging again and live one day at a time”.

I have a few ideas to pump things up and in due time I hope to implement them. I’ll be ramping up my blogging starting this week… look for one post a day minimum here and at Tugatrónica as well!