Starting to feel the writer in me again

Wow! Almost hard to believe this place still exists! More than 16 months have passed since I’ve published my last post. 16 months where a lot has changed in my life and most of it in the best way possible. There is no point in recalling all major events since my last post and consolidating everything in a single post. There’s Facebook and Twitter for that. These networks have been my connection to the virtual world and I still actively use them despite the years that have passed by. This is the main reason why I “stopped” using the place. By the time I started this blog we were still in the blogging era when it was cool and fashionable to have a blog. Don’t get me wrong, some people do enjoy and make a living to keep their blog up to date, but the majority have grew up and moved on to different interests and different platforms.

Recently, I’ve started to feel the need to write again for some reason. Although I am always busy with stuff to do and places to go, I’m feeling motivated and inspired in writing down and talking about interesting stuff (at least for me). I do not know why yet all I can say is keep attention to this area as more posts are coming. 🙂

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