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Depois de vários meses de ausência, eis que decidi tornar a escrever. Porquê? Não sei, talvez apenas pela necessidade de escrever e partilhar as coisas que vou vendo no mundo virtual e real. Tenho estado a trabalhar e o tempo não me permitia muita dedicação. O meu regresso efectivo à blogosfera será dentro de pouco tempo.

Não posso falar ainda dos meus projectos, mas eles existem e recomeçarão em breve. Posso andar desaparecido, mas tem havido muito trabalho de bastidores!

Para a frente é que é o caminho!

charlie Brown


How I feel today

How I feel today

Pronto para sair do exílio, que é nada mais do que parar de coçá-los e recomeçar a fazer uma das coisas que eu gostava de fazer: escrever! Muito mudou em 8 meses desde que estou no UK e felizmente, a aventura está a correr-me bem. Muito para apontar, contar e escrever. Vamos é ver se é desta que eu vou a algum lado com o meu blog e com a Tugatrónica. Eu culp o Facebook e o Twitter, que praticamente acabaram com a minha existência nos blogs. 🙂

Deixo-vos com um vídeo para se inspirarem e fazerem como eu: arregaçar as mangas!

A quick update

It’s already been over a month since I left Portugal and I’m still unemployed. The secret is to be patient and to never give up. I know that it will come. 🙂

This “job hiatus” turned out to be a good thing. After a few weeks adapting to the English lifestyle, I am know physically and mentally recovered from the lifestyle I had in Portugal: always busy, tired and lost in thoughts.

Lately, I’ve been getting back in touch with the web community that I left behind and making great effort to finish some projects that I had to put on hold. I’ve also been reading awesome technical posts posted by pro-geeks and geeks that are helping me to improve my technical skills day by day. My passion for blogging is slowly getting back and soon you will see fresh posts.

I am so happy with my life at the moment you guys have no idea! 😀


Cento e oitenta e um …

… dias desde que não escrevo nada por estas bandas. As razões são várias e não vale a pena enumerá-las. Ideias para posts há muitas mas nunca chegaram a passar disso mesmo (e não é só neste blog).

Enfim, este é capaz de ser um dos meus posts mais breves de que há memória e espero que consiga regressar à rotina da escrita, pois escrever faz bem e ajuda a consciência de um gajo 😀



New look

Excellent. You made it! Welcome. I’m glad you decided to drop by. After two weeks off for a well deserved break of my typical daily life and after thinking about what do I want to do with the rest of it, I finally made some important decisions. What these decisions are you’ll know them in the near future.

New Look

In the mean time you can see already a few of them in action. Yes, starting today and from now on this will be hopefully the new look of my little corner on the web. The design is clean, minimal with a touch of jquery effects. The theme is called PaintBox from Tipografo and it’s still under development however, I’ve already sorted it out to what I want in a WordPress theme. I’m almost finished with my homepage which is based on the DBC Theme from Human3rror and this blog is already smartphone-ready thanks to the WPTouch plugin from BraveNewCode. I’m still planning to do other changes and add other features but the new look is good to go. If you have a suggestion feel free to tell me.

Over the course of time, I’ve realized that all my blogs were dying off. I stopped posting, thought would come back to it and never did. Days, weeks, months have passed with no new content added. They still get a little bit of traffic, one or two visitors here or there, and has a few RSS subscribers. I apologize to everyone that followed this blog and Tugatrónica and I’ll stop feeling that I’m dissapointing you all and myself. Why I stopped blogging is unimportant (basically, I do not remember why). The important thing is what I’m about to do NOW and in the future. Rather than just sitting on my butt wondering what I am passionate about and what are my life goals, I will use this as a medium for my thoughts. I am not an expert on any one topic, never was and never will be. However, I’ll do my best 🙂

This is just one man’s journey through life. Everyone has a story and I will be sharing mine (again).


Blogs Reactivation


I know my posting to my blogs has been beyond sporadic. I’ve been cooped up with work and other interests while living a normal life, hanging out socially and less often on the computer. For that I’m sorry but I felt that I needed a break from everything. Blog-wise, it’s felt like I’ve been hibernating and thinking about the best way to come back to this ciber world and today I decided “What the heck! Just start blogging again and live one day at a time”.

I have a few ideas to pump things up and in due time I hope to implement them. I’ll be ramping up my blogging starting this week… look for one post a day minimum here and at Tugatrónica as well!