Can’t wait for it!

The days where a phone simply was used in making calls (and, if you were really blessed, taking terrible pictures) happen to be well and truly over. In the last years we’ve seen a new challenge behold us. This challenge started with Apple’s iPhone and nowadays every single manufacturer has their own smartphone.

After years of admiring Apple’s iPhone and envying Google’s Nexus One, it’s time I should acquire a smartphone! Lately (a long time), I’ve been putting some money aside in order to give myself a well deserved present that represents what I accomplished: drivers license, university graduation and first employment. Next month I’ll be joining the smartphone squad and I am darn proud about it.

The key features of a smartphone all depend on the make or model someone decides to purchase, however the bare minimum specifications to look for or take into account in acquiring a smartphone and since there is know a wide variety of them, I’ve decided to acquire the HTC Desire!

HTC Desire

This is a phenomenal phone – one of the best I’ve seen. The screen is lovely, the design is slick and the 1 GHz processor makes everything happen in a flash – all I want from a smartphone. Sure, some people will want slightly nicer design or a simpler home screen and richer app store at the moment but as a piece of hardware it’s without par in the mobile world. And even more importantly Android 2.1 supported, woo hoo!

I can’t wait for it’s arrival 😀