Let’s give this another try shall we?

Content creation in blogs became for me a tedious and long task to accomplish. Excuses are always the same: it is easy and quicker to post something on Facebook or share that nice photo on Instagram rather than writing that long and time consuming post that you know no one will bother to completely read. From reading previous posts I can tell I am still repeating myself about this. This leads someone to eventually forget there is a little place in the web that shares some history and just become a memory. Well not this time!

Since the beginning of the year I’ve wanted to change what has happened for the past couple of years on this website which is A LOT. This time I am making a stand and will commit in writing anything that comes to my mind. That also includes the 2016 total makeover the blogs needs. 

Starting to feel the writer in me again

Wow! Almost hard to believe this place still exists! More than 16 months have passed since I’ve published my last post. 16 months where a lot has changed in my life and most of it in the best way possible. There is no point in recalling all major events since my last post and consolidating everything in a single post. There’s Facebook and Twitter for that. These networks have been my connection to the virtual world and I still actively use them despite the years that have passed by. This is the main reason why I “stopped” using the place. By the time I started this blog we were still in the blogging era when it was cool and fashionable to have a blog. Don’t get me wrong, some people do enjoy and make a living to keep their blog up to date, but the majority have grew up and moved on to different interests and different platforms.

Recently, I’ve started to feel the need to write again for some reason. Although I am always busy with stuff to do and places to go, I’m feeling motivated and inspired in writing down and talking about interesting stuff (at least for me). I do not know why yet all I can say is keep attention to this area as more posts are coming. 🙂

A quick update

It’s already been over a month since I left Portugal and I’m still unemployed. The secret is to be patient and to never give up. I know that it will come. 🙂

This “job hiatus” turned out to be a good thing. After a few weeks adapting to the English lifestyle, I am know physically and mentally recovered from the lifestyle I had in Portugal: always busy, tired and lost in thoughts.

Lately, I’ve been getting back in touch with the web community that I left behind and making great effort to finish some projects that I had to put on hold. I’ve also been reading awesome technical posts posted by pro-geeks and geeks that are helping me to improve my technical skills day by day. My passion for blogging is slowly getting back and soon you will see fresh posts.

I am so happy with my life at the moment you guys have no idea! 😀