New projects in mind

I’ve just added to my To-Do List a bunch of projects I would like to do. Starting tomorrow I’m going to organize my busy schedule to find time to do these projects. I’m tired of always managing my time for others. Unfortunately, I ebb-and-flow between being super-motivated and burnt-out/overwhelmed. It’s easy to get pessimistic, but at the end of the day, when you’re finished just take a deep breath and feel you’re accomplishment.

So what projects am I planning to work on? In time to time you’ll see them. Meanwhile, I can tell where am I getting my motivation. For example, when do we do our best work? That’s easy, when we’re excited about something. Excitement morphs into motivation. A great way to stay motivated is to work on something new. No one likes being stuck on a project that never seems to end. In order to enlighten you about this issue let’s look at the following picture:

Working on a big project

The typical project starts out great but then our motivation and interest wanes as time goes on – resonance is a cool idea to parallel motivation btw. It’s natural. Staying interested in a project over a long period of time is a challenge for anyone. The longer the project the thinner the tail. We’re not going to do your best work in the tail.
What I am planning to do is follow some “universal laws”

  • The classic divide and conquer strategy. It definitely works well on any long term development projects as it keeps your focus in tight enough to get each piece done without distraction.
  • Keep it simple, do what’s in front of you, and don’t focus so much on the unknown, unseen and – probably – unwanted.
  • Being hyped up on coffee also during the start of a new project breeds the best work 😀

Figuratively speaking my plan is this:

Small projects, more motivated

Bottom line: Shatter big projects into little pieces. Finish and launch one piece at a time. Over time you can recombine these pieces into the one big feature you had planned. Working on and finishing one little piece at a time will help to stay motivated because we’re always working on something new. Our best work is in the bursts, not in the tails.

Wish me luck 🙂